Handcrafted corporate gifts

Flowrette offers you a tailor-made package to enhance your customer relations or to pamper your employees.
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Handcrafted corporate gifts
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Corporate gifts to really please

Flowrette is about elegant products that value craftsmanship. All our products have been designed to really please. To please oneself or to please others. It is this notion that pushes us to work on our products so that they are the most adapted to all desires. The desire for elegant products, sustainable products, responsible products.

Flowrette's ENTREPRISE offer is made-to-measure corporate gifts that correspond to your needs and desires.
You will find in particular :
- Our Flowrette dried flower bouquets, sustainable and responsible made to measure.
- Our handmade and natural candles, customisable and cast in our workshop
- A plant offer adapted to your needs.

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We take the time to carefully and delicately make products that correspond to us, in accordance with our values. Our creations are made in our Parisian workshop or by our partner craftsmen.

Our raw materials are carefully selected. We work with trusted suppliers who understand our values. Delicate materials, close to nature, respectful of the environment. This is why we offer you the fairest prices all year round.

No sales, no clearance sales and no archives. Because our products are unique and valuable. We want to bring you a moment of sweetness, to allow you to thank those who are important to you, those who make you grow and above all to please you.

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