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Sept. 17, 2022
written by Christelle Martin

TOP 10 dried and stabilised flowers

Dried flowers... You like them mixed in our different bouquets, cleverly assembled to form a pretty bouquet of flowers. But who are they? Why do we like them? Some flowers are famous, others less so. However, each in their own way, they bring that little extra something to make the bouquets of dried flowers that adorn your vases and last a long time. In this article, we are going to present you our Top 10 dried flowers that are essential to the composition of our bouquets at Flowrette.

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Our favouritedried and stabilised flower varieties to compose your dried flower bouquet

#1 : Craspedias

These little yellow balls that look almost like candy are not eaten... But they do liven up bouquets and give them a boost. We love the colourful and vitaminized look that our dear craspedias bring to our dried flower arrangements.


#2: Pampa Herbs

We love the pampas grass stems for the bohemian side they reflect, all in softness and lightness. These feathery reeds immediately remind us of South America and are synonymous with exoticism. Pampas grass is perfect for blurring a "too wise" bouquet or even simply placed in a dame jeanne. Timeless, dried pampas grass does not move and lasts a very long time... For our greatest happiness!


#3: Stabilized Gypsohophila

Stabilised gypsophila is THE bohemian flower par excellence. In every creation where it is used, it brings that romantic and country touch that we love so much in dried flower bouquets. Pink or white, at Flowrette we love it, like the pink Gypsophila in our signature bouquet Hector.


#4: Dried natural lagurus

Also known as rabbit tails, they are actually flowers (I promise no rabbits are mistreated during the picking process). These soft little "hairballs" warm up the dried flower bouquets. The lagurus are both natural and coloured (powder pink, white). At Flowrette, we love to include a few in our country bouquets in soft colours like Leopold.


#5: Stabilized Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus, or "euca" as we like to call it in the workshop, may not be a flower in the strict sense of the word, but it is still a must-have plant. We love the smell and the natural touch that eucalyptus brings to our bouquets. It enhances nude colours like in the Anatole bouquet, but it also goes very well with the pink and yellow colours of the Léon bouquet that you love so much. In short, you've understood: at Flowrette, we use and abuse Eucalyptus!


#6: Stabilized bleached Ruscus

Ruscus is basically a plant with therapeutic properties and green leaves. Nothing exceptional you might say. But when it is blanched, it has a completely different appearance: its small, winter-white leaves are delicate and blend perfectly with the nude-coloured flowers. It's not for nothing that Flowrette has included many stems in our flagship bouquet Gabriel.


#7: Stabilized Hydrangea

The stabilised hydrangea, with its small petals that form a ball, gives a fresh look to the dried flower bouquet. We particularly like the white hydrangea which has found its place in our Anatole, Hector and Côme bouquets. But at Flowrette, we also use hydrangea petals in our combs for a very delicate and subtle effect.


#8: Stabilized Lavender

Ah Lavender... Just by pronouncing its name we are directly transported to Provence! It is without a doubt the best known of all our dried flowers, but it remains timeless. Its colour and smell remind us of the South, the sun and holidays, and that's probably why we like to use it in so many dried flower bouquets! Discover the Odin bouquet inspired by the lavender fields.


#9: Broom Bloom cleared

It can be found in many Flowrette compositions. With its small dried flowers in the shape of balls, it adds lightness and volume to dried flower creations. Natural or bleached, it is indispensable for our florists.


#10: Dried Immortals

Orange, white, pale or dark pink ... It's quite simple, we love dried immortals in all their colours, and we use them without moderation in many compositions: wreaths, bouquets or even combs. These pretty dried flowers remind us of coloured buttons which, when integrated into numerous creations, including the charming Augustin bouquet, make our bouquets... Immortal!


White or coloured, sweet or spicy, small or large ... There are many dried flowers and stabilised flowers. They each have their own charm and assets, but together they enhance each dried flower creation and they are what make us love this decorative trend so much. At Flowrette, we are such fans that it was difficult to choose to give you a Top 10. But what is certain is that the 10 dried flowers mentioned in this article are essential, and we use them with passion and without moderation in each of our creations!

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