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Sept. 18, 2022
written by Christelle Martin

Dried flowers: our advice on how to care for them and choose them

Don't know what to do with your faded Valentine's Day flowers, or want to keep the flowers you were given at a special time? Turns out it's easier than you think to keep a floral memento of the moments that mark your life.

Whether it's your priceless bridal bouquet or a particularly important arrangement for a loved one, you have several options for drying or storing your flowers when it comes to preserving the beauty and sentimental value of your flowers.

You may be wondering how to dry flowers, how to understand dried flowers, which ones to choose?

At Flowrette, we offer a huge collection of dried flower creations, so you can be sure to have a special symbol of an important memory.

Check out our guides below to discover all our secrets about dried flowers, the different drying methods and their preservation.

Buying dried flowers on the internet?

The dried flower trend is still going strong two years after it came back into fashion on insta and it's not hard to see why.

As well as looking beautiful on your kitchen table or windowsill, these maintenance-free flowers have many advantages.

Two years after founding Flowrette, Elodie, our founder, argues:

"As they do not require light or water, they are perfect for rooms with little natural light, second homes, rentals and workplaces."

They are also much better for the environment than your weekly fresh bouquet.

"So many of the fresh cut flowers we buy have been grown abroad"

"Their short shelf life means that they have to be transported quickly by air in temperature controlled conditions. Preserved and dried stems don't need this special treatment and they also last much longer."

In fact, dried flowers can last for years with care, making them a much less wasteful option. Unlike fake stems, they are 100% natural and biodegradable, so if you are concerned about your carbon footprint, they are a great option.

How to use dried flowers

Decorate with dried flowers

Dried flowers are a great way to decorate. Firstly because they are bohemian and poetic. We can see them in all the decoration magazines. Secondly, unlike fresh flowers, they can be kept for years and are more environmentally friendly.

Beautiful and practical, that's why they are so trendy.

Their decorative possibilities are very important: You can decorate your house. If you can't find what you're looking for. Discover also other decoration ideas with dried flowers. In a vase, on a table... There will be an idea that will make you fall in love!

Create and practice DIY with dried flowers

Another use for dried flowers is in DIY. The possibilities to create with dried flowers are very large.

Wedding accessories, decorative elements or even becoming a florist's apprentice and composing your own bouquet of dried flowers, dried flowers will delight the manuals.

We give you some cool DIY ideas with dried flowers.

How to dry flowers?

bouquet-dry flowers

Flower drying is a popular method of preserving flowers, especially for those who wish to give their flowers a romantic and picturesque look. Dried flowers can be used as decoration to add texture to a living space, as a centrepiece to fuel conversation or as a tangible reminder of a special memory.

Before you start, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make the drying process as smooth as possible and ensure your flowers are up to the task.

Nevertheless, here are the main principles to remember:

- Air-drying works best for bouquets and robust flowers such as roses, or small, long-lasting varieties such as lavender.

- The microwave drying technique is ideal for preserving the colour and structure of flowers such as gerberas, chrysanthemums, roses and tulips.

- For more delicate flowers, such as lilies, use other preservation techniques, such as pressing or framing.

- Do not wait too long to dry your flowers, as mature flowers will probably lose their petals during the drying process.

Now that you know the basics of air-drying flowers, let's start by looking at the different options available to you: air-drying and microwave drying. Keep in mind that dried flowers will fade quickly in sunlight or extreme heat, so be sure to store your flowers in cool, heat-free places.

Unfortunately, not all flowers are suitable for drying.

Some work better than others! And one of the best ways to learn which flowers are best for drying is to experiment.

But we have also created a handy little list of the best flowers to dry.

- Amaranth

- Artemisia

- Astilbe

- Gypsophile

- Celosia

- Hydrangea

- Delphinium

- Herbs

- Hydrangea

- Lark's ears

- Lavender

- Thoughts

- Roses

- Poppies

- Straw flowers

- Millefeuille

Another technique is to keep your flowers for a long time. Stabilization. Stabilization allows you to keep your flowers for a longer period of time by keeping them looking fresh.

To achieve this process, the flowers are cut fresh, when they are at their most beautiful. Then they are bathed in a glycerine bath which will subsist in the sap.

At Flowrette, we mix dried and stabilised flowers in all our creations. This allows us to have more modern and dynamic creations. If you want to know more about dried and stabilised flowers, we tell you in this dedicated article.

How long do dried flowers last?

Decorate with dried flowers

Although it depends on the flower, dried flowers usually last between several months and 3 years! As long as they are properly cared for, handled with care and stored away from direct sunlight, wind and moisture, you can enjoy your beautiful flowers for years to come.

The colour of your dried flower arrangements will naturally fade over time, so if you buy dried flowers that have also been dyed, they will last even longer.

We really like the idea of keeping dried flowers as an everlasting souvenir. It's perfect for wedding bouquets, special occasion flowers and decorations!

Our best tips for the care of dried flowers

If you want your dried flowers to stay beautiful for a long time, follow our tips below:

1. Find the right location - Ideally, flowers should not be left on windowsills, as direct sunlight will weaken them and their colour will fade. They should also be kept away from stoves, fireplaces or heaters. In fact, they should be kept in a fairly cool, dry room.

2. Gently dust them - Using a very soft object, such as a feather duster, brush or hair dryer (on cold) to avoid damaging them, dust them regularly to keep them looking good.

3. Don't get them wet - Water and moisture can turn dried flowers brown, limp or even mouldy, which is the last thing you want for them! So avoid storing them in the bathroom.

Learn how to press flowers with the advice of our head florist Elodie!

Discover more amazing floral creations in the DIY l flower section to take your flower decorations to the next level.

Tips for storing dried flowers

- Always choose fresh flowers for best results

- Avoid using flowers with bruises or brown spots

- Pick the flowers just before they reach full bloom

- For thick flowers (peonies, ranunculus, roses), you can remove petals before drying

- Flowers with fleshy or watery petals may not keep well


How to care for your dried flower creation?

Dried flowers have rapidly gained popularity and offer a sustainable alternative to traditional flowers. Our collection of dried bouquets offers a wide variety of colours and textures.

Now that you have your bouquet, here are some quick tips for storing your dried flowers.

Dried flowers are really easy to care for, and a few tips will help you keep them looking good for years!

They are fragile and change over time. Being a natural product, they won't stay suspended in time forever, but they will last for years if you take good care of them. And anyway their changing appearance only adds to their charm, I think!

Please, no water 🌊

Unlike their fresh friends, dried flowers do not like water. None at all. This makes their stems brittle and mouldy. Keep them warm and dry at all times.

Avoid direct sunlight! 🌞

Dried flowers naturally fade over time, especially if they are exposed to direct sunlight. This is part of their charm, to be enjoyed like any other moment. But to slow down the fading, keep them out of direct sunlight.

Be gentle 😇

They are fragile, and become more so with time. You may see a few grass clippings, a few petals or a few small flowers fall off. Collect these good things and enjoy them in another way. For example, if you have lavender spillovers, collect them in a small bag to rub and smell for a soothing whiff of fragrance.

A quiet place 😌

They are best suited to a place where there is little movement. It is not really recommended to place them on a dining table where they will be lifted and lowered or moved often. It would be better to place them on a side table, a more "permanent" place. But it depends on your daily attention.

Keep them out of reach of children and lint.👶

It is best to keep them out of the reach of children and pets so that they retain their optimal appearance for as long as possible. To avoid shocks, getting caught in furs or crushed by little hands, and to prevent them from ending up in the mouths of little ones - they are not edible!

Good air circulation 😮💨

Make sure there is good air circulation around your flowers and avoid temperature fluctuations. They do not need a draught from an open window, but in a stagnant or damp room they can become damp. If they become damp, they may become mouldy. Vases can sometimes retain moisture. Check the stems in the vase from time to time to make sure they are dry. If they look a little damp, consider putting them in another vase.

Find dried flowers

At Flowrette, we are convinced that dried flowers allow you to decorate your home and your life in a sustainable way. We believe that they are a real alternative to fresh flowers and that they are much more responsible for our planet.

At Flowrette, we offer a wide range of products.

A range of dried flower wedding accessories, including combs, boutonnieres, wreaths and of course groom's bouquets.

Dried flower bouquets, of course, a sustainable and bohemian alternative for your decorations.

A wide range of bunches of dried flowers and stabilised flowers with dozens and dozens of different varieties. It will especially appeal to decorators, DIY fans and flower apprentices.

Finally, if you are in the Paris area and are looking for dried flowers, we invite you to come and meet us at La Maison Flowrette, our shop dedicated to dried flowers and crafts.

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