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Sept. 17, 2022
written by Christelle Martin

7 decorations with pampas grass

The pampas grass has the wind in its sails! This plant is now invited in many interior decorations and even in weddings. 

Pampas grass, also known as feather reed, brings a chic and original touch to any room in the house. When dried, pampas grass will last for many years with minimal maintenance. You will find beautiful pampas grass on Flowrette. Long, bushy stems, so you can see the pictures in the article.

Here are 7 ideas to integrate and definitely adopt pampas grass in your interior design!

1. Pampas grass in a trendy vase

When pampas grass is placed in vases, it brings a natural and design touch. You can put a stem in a soliflore for example or opt for a bouquet of pampas grass or a mixture of pampas with other dried flowers that you will place in a suitable vase. 

Eucalyptus leaves and palm leaves blend perfectly with pampas grass. 

There are vases for every taste. You are also spoilt for choice when it comes to the colors of the vases: beige, green, red, yellow... For a refined touch, you can opt for a beige ceramic vase. For a natural and modern decoration, choose a transparent glass vase. 

You can cut the stems of the pampas and arrange them in small vases that you will put on a shelf or a side table in the living room, on the dining room table or even on the dresser in your room to reinforce the nature side of your decor.

2. Pampas grass laid on the ground to gain volume and height

The tall stems of pampas grass give you the option of putting them in a tall vase that you can place on the floor to give volume and height to a room. 

The beige pampas herbs will find their place perfectly in a large colored glass Dame-jeanne placed on the floor of your living room. The Dame-jeanne is very trendy at the moment, so this one will bring the touch of modernity that is missing in your interior.

3. Pampas grass in a basket for a bohemian style

For a bohemian and cocooning style in your home decor, consider placing a bouquet of pampas herbs and other dried flowers in a wicker basket. 

You will place this one in your entrance or near the sofa to bring a poetic touch to your decoration. 

A basket with pampas herbs can also be placed in your room to reinforce the cozy style of it.

4. Pampas grass in a crown to dress your walls

If you love Christmas wreaths, you'll love dried flower wreaths with pampas herbs. These add a chic touch to any door or wall. 

Plus, pampas grass wreaths are easy to make. Simply get a circle and hang your stems on it with a thin wire.

5. Pampas grass in Juju Hat: the trend of the moment

Juju Hat is the trend! The Juju Hat is a Cameroonian feathered headdress that has been turned into a wall decoration. You can hang it on the walls of your room above the bed to bring a bohemian and ethnic touch. 

The Juju Hat also fits perfectly in the living room, hanging over the fireplace or the sofa.


6. Hanging pampas grass to bring originality

You can create a pretty bouquet of pampas herbs to place in suspension above a dining table for example. This will bring a natural and original touch to your living room. 

Be aware that you can also add lighting to your suspension. Pinterest has no shortage of inspiration for creating this type of suspension. 

Hanging pampas herbs are also perfect for decorating a bohemian and nature style wedding.

7. Pampas grass as a centerpiece to impress your guests

The pampas grass allows you to decorate with delicacy a table when you receive guests in your dining room. It will easily find its place on a centerpiece and will highlight the bohemian style of your decor. 

You will have understood, the pampas herbs are plants which offer many possibilities to decorate the interiors. Know that this one is also perfect to sublimate your terrace by bringing an exotic touch to your outside. Do not hesitate to adopt it! 

Flowrette offers a delivery of beautiful bouquets of pampas herbs at the best price to enhance your home!


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